do you think

trigger warning: self-harm, eating disorders, ptsd, suicide

do you think
for ssaa voices a cappella

This piece reflects on a brilliant text by St. Louis-based poet amanda lee anne roos, a.k.a (a.l.a.s). (a.l.a.s) writes poetry that often explores “taboo” topics such as self-harm and sexuality. hunter explores this text with an ancient concept: rhythmless notation. The chant notation used in this work is designed to allow for the most possible freedom in performance. hunter felt this was the only way to truly honor (a.l.a.s)’s masterpiece of text.

if you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or struggling with major life changes, reach out to someone.
Call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255
or visit

do you think by hunter t. johnson, text by amanda lee anne roos (a.l.a.s).
performed by the Webster University Women’s Chorus (now Aurelia) Dr. Stuart Chapman Hill, conductor